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Family Home

Helping around the house helps everyone.

'Mum, I don't want to do the dishes, none of my friends have to do chores in their house' My daughter complained.

'It doesn't really matter what other kids do in their homes, we help each other out. Every one uses the dishes therefore everyone has a turn to clean the dishes' I told her in a light conversational tone.

Not saying anything else my Daughter continued to dry the dishes from the sink.

When I was growing up and my parents would ask me to do something I would do it. I knew that was what was expected of me, so there was no point in arguing. There also wasn't any choice in the matter either. My parents wouldn't ask me if I would like to do the dishes, they would tell me that the dishes needed to be done so my brothers and I would go and do them.

There is something wonderful about working with family. As a child, we always helped with the housework. I had three brothers and when we set our minds to it we could clean the whole house in no time at all. We would know each others strengths and play to them. We would have a common purpose, even if only for a moment. Unfortunately the boys would conveniently find ways of getting out of the cleaning most of the time. A skill that my youngest daughter is on a mission to perfect. Convenient toilet breaks when the washing needs folding come to mind.

I don't know where kids get the impression that being a kid is all about just playing games. Like everything is meant to be done for them all the time. I think that it could have something to do with kids TV shows. Kids never have to do anything on TV shows except go to school and eat snacks. The only time that you see a kid cleaning up is when they have to clean up a mess that they have made. I understand that making your bed everyday isn't fun, and wouldn't make for laughs, but it is necessary. It is also a handy skill that they will have for the rest of their live. Unless you are wealthy enough to afford a daily maid, in that case making your bed would be robbing someone of a job.

I agree that Kids need time to play. They need time to experiment and engage in adventures. Kids learn and grow through play. Kids find ways to conquer their fears when they are playing games and telling stories. But; they also sleep, eat, scatter their toys all around the house and dirty their clothes. The bed needs to be made, those dishes need to be cleaned and their washing needs to be folded. As a parent, you want to prepare the kids for when they have to do these things in their own home. They are a part of the mess so they can be a part of the cleaning. They need a lot of help to start with it seems that it would be better to just do it yourself, but after a while...

I attached a picture of what we had stuck to our toilet door when I was growing up.

Every one in a home has a part to play. When the kids are little, you cannot expect them to do the big chores, but they can always help. If you show them while they are small that it is normal to make your bed every morning, then they will do so. As the kids get older they can do more around the home to help out.

When my kids were younger I would tell them that it was a privilege to be able to help clean, make a game of it. They had to pass a certain age to be able to do certain things. I would do it for them before that. When the time came that they were able to do something then I would tell them how proud I was that they could help out.

The kids still complain on occasion. But with the Chips and the High Five, it really isn't that often. I have found that there is usually a reason why they don't want to do that chore at that time. I talk to them about it to find out why, but they still have to do it.

Suggested Chipping

Give reward chips for helping out if they do it without prompting.

The kids are members of the household and they need to do their share. If they continue, ask why, the reason may be something that you can help with. Chip then for it if they just don't feel like it or other kids don't have to do it in their house.


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