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The Basics

Dianna was the third of four children born into the Collie Nix household in 1983. Her parents were an unlikely pair, an Australian plumber and a Uruguayan Clairvoyant. This made a home that was always filled with a mix of cultures, beliefs, an eclectic range of people and many adventures. Fast forward 18 years, Dianna finished school and worked full time after completing a customer service trainee ship. She decided to expand her horizons and travel later that year visiting Brasil, South Africa and Uruguay. Unable to settle down in the family home after her travels she bought a house of her own. Accumulating the experiences many young single home owners endure while working full time made an interesting life. Deciding to half her hours and study at university (social work) was tough, but worth giving a go until the blessing of pregnancy put an end to that after her first semester. The next idea was starting her own business so she could have her baby with her, joining up with her mum in partnership they ran their own shop. Life was peaceful. 

Dianna was married in 2006 to Joel Evans. Fast forward again to Diannas 30s. Married more than a decade, helping three little people grow into decent human beings takes up most of her time. The family moved to Southern Cross to be closer to hubby who was working drive-in-drive-out on one of the mines. Still in southern cross now, the children are all in full time school and Dianna can immerse herself into the worlds she has created again.


During her primary school years Dianna was an introvert that spent most of her time in the library or staring off into daydream land when she wasn't playing in the school band. High school kept her on her toes, floating between social circles depending on her mood. English was Dianna's favourite subject she spent much of her time working on extra projects, writing in her diary and creating stories were her favourite pass times. When school was over, time to write was hard to find; life took over. 

Nanowrimo (national novel writing month) was the inspiration that Dianna needed to kick her writing back into gear. Finishing Nano 5 times and writing on the off months allowed her to trial different writing styles find the best fit. After a couple of Nano certificates Dianna started working on a magazine called The Collie Waffle as the formatting and layout editor. This monthly publication was helpful in finding a routine for writing and meeting deadlines and continued this until she left Collie. The families need for a supplemental income send Dianna back into the drudgery of the work force finding only snippets of time for writing. 

Dianna's current Fantasy WIP is the first book in a series set on the island of Elara. The hook line is.... 'When a family is torn apart by the shadow claws of a mad queen, pearl magic is used in a quest to reunite them.' If you are interested and would like to find out more, subscribe to the newsletter and you will receive monthly updates and sometimes, exciting news when there is any.

Dianna current Parenting guide book, 'Parenting chips' is still under development. She is about to start and eight week beta program with some volunteer families. Working one on one and building different stories to fill the pages. Enjoying the moments as they happen.

Proud Member of Romance Writers Australia

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