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Episode 24 Show Notes

Release Date: 6th of March 2019

Ancient Ruins


I was so fascinated by this subject that the research was a joy. I am honestly fascinated by some of the origin stories of the Jin and the fact that they are believed to this day to still exist. We truly do live in a wondrous world! 


The Sasha Cottman has left the competition open to win her book ICEQUEEN. If you would like to see more information, go to episode 23 show notes page. 


Exploring the origin of the Jin and Genies

Buffy Night review

Engagment Ring

Different Forms of Jin

Marid - strong build blue skin

Efrit- Live in cave

Gool - haunt graveyards

Seela - Shape shifter's

Vetila - Possess human to prevent decay.

Etymology of the word Genie - The Genius of one person would be that external form. (Granted at birth)

In some cases they did not have a physical form and were created as a guide to help people throughout their life. 

They would tease humans sometimes and live to their own ends by possession.

They are often also seen as guardians of a place.

Containment of Genies

Started with King Solomon (from old testament)

He was gifted the power of all the elements and the Jin in the form of crystals

In some cases it was angels that presented the gifts

Immense knowledge, ability to talk to any animal, power over 4 elements, power over the spirits and jin.

All the stones were combined in a ring. (in some cases the ring included the mark of Solomon)

French Author Galland put Genies in a bottle when he translated Aramaic Fol Lore

Assyrian Art : Shows Genies being summoned for protection of royals.

Hold Pinecone in one hand and bucket of water or pollen for purification.

Solomon built temple of Jeruselem either by humans or Genies.

Africa - Jin are spirits that try to possess Men. Exercism is the only was out.

Ancient Semite - Jin are banished ancient people cannot be seen during the day.

Could change shape and make themselves invisible.

Dissappear during the light od Dawn. They are the reason for sickness and manias.

Arabian: Believe spirits of Fire, Demons that can take the form of beautiful women and as Succubi would drain men in the evening and would not be able to complete their tasks during the day.

Jin could possess deceased person and take over their lives in some cases. 

Protection from Jin

Protection objects and invocation of Solomon.

If tribe of Jin is overseen by an angel then there is the a chance invocation of his name would be a protection.

Interaction with Jin

They can be invoked only if you have a pure soul and all chakras activated.


Maegin is a follow on from Rosekin - adding a sister that was 

Origin stories

  • Some consider Djinn to be Angels that have fallen.

  • Created from a smokeless flame at the same time as the Angels.

Jin Fall

  • One Jin that was raised higher than all the others and lived in heaven with the angels would not bow to Adam when asked by god and was cast out. He was called Iblis when he was with the angels and then he was names Shayalteen (Translates as Satan). Then all Jin were considered to be demons. 

  • This is another of those ones that multiple perspective concepts and it is interesting to see the different concepts clash.


Pirate Bound : Carysa Locke

This novella really caught my attention. I could not put this book down. Because it’s not a long story (it’s a novella) A prequel to the telepathic space pirate series. I received the novella when I signed up to her newsletter so you don’t even have to pay for it. The story is set on a space pirate ship following the story of Dem. A seasoned pirate with a telepathic twist and Sanah a female that is on the run. The pirates save Sanah and her sister and the story is fast paced and intense. There are a few blushworthy moments in there, especially at the climax of the tale, but it is in good taste.

I liked the way she entwined the two personalities so succinctly even though they are basically polar opposites and the worldbuilding is exceptional. I look forward to reading her full novel and dread it at the same time because I know that I will be hooked that much again. The telepathic abilities vary from character to character and Carysa had found a way to share all the differences without bogging down the story which I think is exceptional.

I give it 4 and half stakes.


Bohemian Rhapsody - Movie 2018

I am a fan of queen and a lot of the older style music because that is what I listened to growing up. I understand that there were a few aspects of the story that were factually incorrect, depending on where you look, but I still thought it was awesome. I loves the feel of the music and it intrigued me how the band members acted toward one another and what decisions that they made. It seemed like Freddy had most of the control but he needed his team with him.

I did watch it a few times and every time I watched it from a different angle, so if you like music and biographical fiction, then you will love bohemian rhapsody.

I am going to give it 5 stakes.

(Yes that is the first 5 Stakes on the show but I loved this movie.


Received the world building course from Sue-Ellen Pashley. I will go through this course over the next 4 solo episodes! 


For Episode 25 we are talking to Allie McCormack again about what she had been up to these lase couple of months.

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