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Hello and welcome to the home of

Finding Elara.

Building Worlds with Words and sharing those word with the world

A podcast for writers, world builders and artists that would like to take a mindful look inside their creations.


Release Schedule

Frequency - Weekly

Next Episode - Episode 35

Release Date - 25th of May 2019

Topic - 

Release Schedule

Frequency - Weekly

Next Episode - Episode 36

Release Date - 1st of June 2019

Topic - Heidi Catherine Interview

Release Schedule

Frequency - Weekly

Next Episode - Episode 37

Release Date - 8th of June 2019

Topic - 

Release Schedule

Frequency - Weekly

Next Episode - Episode 38

Release Date - 15th of June 2019

Topic - Leisl Leighton Interview

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Finding Elara

by DL Nix

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Each episode Dianna tries to tackle a different topic of interest either individually or with a special guest.

The topic based episodes include 'Five Tips' Dianna has learned through her study of the subject.

Previous topics have included Family in fiction, Using Mindfulness to beat overwhelm, 

Worldbuilding Weddings, Jinn/Genies and Mindful rejection tips.

Previous Guests on the show include Cassie Laelyn, Derek Doepker, Pauline Wiles,

Craig Hanretty and Allie McCormack to name a few.

'World building and mindfulness are vast subjects, but they compliment one another.

Seeing your world with a mindful eye helps create another.' DL Nix

Why are we searching for Elara?

Upon completion of her first novel's "Elara's Chosen," Dianna realized that it was only the start of her journey! Because not only is writing a book difficult; you also need to find a work/life balance and build a world that is not only believable, but immersive and engaging to the readers.

Both of these things take time, practice and an open mind to keep learning. 

Throughout this podcast series Dianna will share where her inspirations have spurred from and reveal any challenges she has to face along the way. This will help you find the world that you want to create.

Elara is ever evolving and changing throughout her writing career but she is sure it can be found.



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