Episode 25 Show Notes

Release Date: 13th of March 2019



Topic of the week: Allie's News.


Allie is a well traveled disabled vet of the US Army. This travel and the variety of jobs that she has been lucky to experience have inspired her stories. She has published three novels in the a variety of romance genres and delved in to audio production. She belongs to Romance Writers of America and Mensa.


Website: http://www.alliemccormack.com             

FB: https://www.facebook.com/AllieMcCormackK/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AllieMcCormackK      Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alliemccormackk/


  • Since last interview Allie had released

    • The Audio version of Truck Stop

    • Wishes in a bottle and

    • Swan Song!

  • The release date for Swan song is the same day as her Daughters birthday.

  • Working on a 'Gift of Jacinth', the second book in the wishes and dreams series.

  • Her Nano Project Shadow Cat is well underway.

  • Adding characters in the revisions of the earlier books.

  • Many Ideas come from a waking dream state. 

  • Shifters have set animal they can turn into. When mixed breeding there will always be one more powerful.

  • Linking new characters by adding them into the same scenes from the old books. 

  • Aim for 90-100k words. - work through the story scene by scene. not in order.

  • Add new scenes during the drafting process filling in the gaps

  • To get inside the correct headspace re-read or edit the work that you have already. It helps immerse.

  • TRUCKSTOP - Audible Romance Package was not the best package for Authors payment. The book is available but it has fallen flat.

  • May not produce wishes in a bottle as audio unless audio packages change.

  • WHEN DARKNESS FALLS - pretty much ready for beta.

  • Catching up - Tip toeing through. Some days better than others. Need to be carefull with limitations.

  • When she gets inside the Darkness falls world she wants to make sure there aren't distraction. She loves that world.

  • Works release schedule around commitments. (ie. Nano)

  • Attended 15 NaNoWriMo's - won 4

  • Her first win she completed it in 10 days.


Episdode 25 Competition

Allie and Dianna are teaming up for a giveaway and t his time you can choose the book that you want to win!

Comp Link: http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/99cd21084/?

With three of Allie's books to choose from, which one would you like?




Terry stops running when she finds a safe haven at M&J's Truck Stop. But how long can she stay hidden from her past?


When Julian Met Allessandra he was caught in a powerful spell binding him to a djinn bottle. Will magic keep them apart forever?


Sarah moved to Santa Barbara to stand on her own two feet and step away from the pressure of her past. When Khalid walked in she knew it wouldn't last.

Competition Closes on the 19th of March 2019 at midnight



First season of show on CBS

Young man with Atheist podcast receives friend request from God.

Friend Icon made of clouds in the sky.

With suggestions he helps people and reconnects with his father.

funny, charming, heartwarming, interesting and not overly dramatic.

Allie Binged it because she was hooked to the show!

5 stakes without hesitation



Working through her Maygin story edits.

Completing tasks in the worldbuilding course provided by Sue-Ellen Pashley.

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