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Episode 26 Show Notes

Release Date: 20th of March 2019


Episode 25 Competition Winner Announced

Topic of the week: Week 1 of World Building course provided by Sue-Ellen Pashley

Episode 27 Competition opened.

Buffy Night: Shatterwing by Donna Marree Hansen


Thanks go to Allie McCormack for allowing one of her books to be raffled off.

Congratulations Stephanie.

I am sure that you will enjoy the read, whichever book you choose.

If you missed out on your chance for a free book check out Allie's website and get more information about where you can get a copy of her books.



5 sections of this weeks course

  1. Welcome! What is World Building

    • ​World building adds depth to any scene and it doesn't matter what it is, world building is a apart of it.

    • Dianna's definition of worldbuilding: Using aspects from you entire life, mixing and moulding into a form that you can understand or relate to. 

  2. Why is worldbuilding important?​​

    • Foundation of the story.

    • How much should you do? Enough to immerse and allow readers to understand what's going on and why.

    • Depends on the type of creative.

  3. Three Different Worlds

    • Real world, real world with a twist of fantasy, fantasy.

    • Real world includes contemporary, historical.

    • With a twist means there is an aspect added to or changed in the normal world.

    • Full fantasy- still needs to allow the reader to relate

  4. Exercize

    • Looking in to how others succeed so you know where to look for yourself. 

  5. Wordlbuilding Do's

    • Consider human emotion (even if your character isn't human, there is going to be humans reading it.

    • Use your senses- It helps the reader look deeper into the story itself.

    • Consistency - that would mean looking through the whole document to find any changes.

    • Setting challenges - Make sure you are true to the setting. So don't make the character walk naked through the snow or expect a boy to wear a dress (unless that is expected)

    • The detail of the world is up to you -you can put as much or as little in the story as you like.

My thoughts coming out of week 1 is that there is much to consider about what makes your world. There are so many aspects that you simply don't make a habit of thinking about because it is second nature to you. With the world that I have created for the maegin story I think that it does need more depth and development. 

shatterwing cover.jpg


Shatterwing - Donna Marree Hansen

I was pulled in from the beginning, Donna did not hesitate to throw her characters into a dark and scary situation. It was brutal, but the world itself is brutal so you could understand that it was a part of the world. I picked Shatterwing from Donna's list because on the cover there is a dragon and I was not let down. And the dragons in this story aren’t the cutesy pet dragons that you want to take home, I am talking about beasts that are staking their territory and you have to be wary of. There is magic, mystery, and human characters that have real issues. Their relationships are realistic for the situation. There is also an underground race of people that were the keepers of knowledge but there is only one left and he has such an interesting story to tell. I only have the first part of the series at the moment but I definitely need to get a coy of the next part because although this story came full circle and I was happy with the ending I still have many questions that I really hope she explores throughout the series.

I give this story 4 stakes. I really did enjoy it.


Top Downloaded Episodes 1,2+9 since the podcast started.

Still working through her Maygin story edits.

Completing tasks in the worldbuilding course provided by Sue-Ellen Pashley.


My next guest Sue-Ellen Pashley has been kind enough to offer one of her books as a raffle. My guests are always amazing!

Competition link:

Connect with Sue-Ellen to learn more.

The book Streamer (Ormiston Press)

How can you disappear, only to appear in a new location, and not know how it happens?
How can you have any sort of life if you can’t control when this happens? And how can you find the answers when you don’t even know your own name?

For twenty year old Rhiannon Clarke, the last three days are all she can remember. And they have just been a series of flicking in and out of different locations with only vague memories to guide her. But as she slowly starts to build a picture of her life, the questions are getting harder. Why is this happening to her? Why does the thought of her brother fill her with unease? Why does her father’s name make her break into a cold sweat?

And who is the mysterious man in the bed?

Good luck to everyone that enters. :)


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