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Family Freedom - Mid-year holidays

Holidays are here!

As I walk around the quiet house and prepare for work like every other day, the kids are still in bed at 7 in the morning enjoying the rest that only sleep can bring. I peak my head into their rooms wondering if any of them want to have breakfast with their Mum, but I don't want to break the peace that settles on a sleeping house. I know that I can get a few things done around the house before they are awake enough to distract me for productive thoughts.

I welcome the sound of the children running around the house. There is a part of me that misses the need that a young child has for their parent, but now, with all three in school the most the kids want from me is time. They are content to plod along with their day without the stress of a schedule to follow as long as I make some time for the throughout the day. Oh if only adult life was so easy.

We continue our modified 'High Five' and Ned on Sundays like we do for the rest of the year thoughout the holidays. But there are a few plans that I would like to complete for these holidays, while I get the work I need done.

I am going to share 5 of them with you today.

1. Movie and Meal Day!

When you plan to have a nice meal with the family you don't have to be the only one in the kitchen. I thought that it would be good to have a restaurant night in the home followed by a movie that the Family can choose the day before. I love chilling on the couch with the kids and watching a movie, it is one of the simple pleasures of having a big TV but on occasions we take a substantial amount of time trying to agree on something that we all want to see. Theoretically, pre-planning will make it easier.

2. Outside adventure!

I don't have a definite plan for this one, it could be anything from a Pokemon family adventure (You gotta catch 'em all) to a visiting family weekend. It is good to get out of the house on occasion, weather permitting.

3. Game Play!

We are fans of 'Magic the Gathering' and all have our own decks to play commander with and we love Monopoly and Cluedo! Well Cluedo ins't a whole family favourite but majority vote has to count.

4. Something Creative!

We have a few craft supplies in the house and will likely throw something together as a group. We talk about wanting to do something but often complain there is not enough time in the day, that is the brilliant thing about holidays.

5. Cleaning Challenge!

The simple fact about living in a house of five individuals is that it does get untidy on occasion and sometimes an absolute sty on others. We blitz the house on Saturdays but for this challenge I was thinking about something a little thorough. Actually clearing out things that we don't need any more, there are many people that would be able to treasure old toys.

I am writing these down hoping to motivate myself to complete them in my house so I will let you know how I go.

I wanted to ensure that all the activities that I listed would cover the interests of everyone in the house. If you have a family of four, maybe you could think of 4 things that you could plan over the holidays. Something that is at home, away from home and something New.

I would love to hear how you make time for your kids over the holidays? Comment below, or email me.

Chip Relation

Dong something new may take you and the kids out of your comfort zone so reward them if they put the effort in.

If they mess around and don't take you seriously then take it easy, start with 1 chip loss and then increase if the behaviour continues.


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