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Winds of Change

You need to be adaptable to thrive these days. Along with winter in the wheatbelt, April came along with many decisions and changes for my creative path. I appreciate the opportunities that I have had in the last two years or so. Being able to write and podcast full time along with school bus driving brought a simple joy to my life. I was making money to help the family while continuing to grow and develop my art.

Unfortunately, as I have not secured a lotto win, or a publishing contract I needed to find a more sustainable income. Saying that, an opportunity cam knocking at my door and I could not deny it.

I have returned to site administrator work at one of the mines. I do really enjoy the experience and development I receive on a professional level by completing such work. The interactions that I have with the wide variety of staff provides some amazing novel fodder. People that work in the mines are an eclectic lot. But I have little time to do anything with these experiences at the moment. That time will come.

I have maintained the podcast and endeavour to continue to do so. Although I might need to make a few tweaks to make it a little more streamline and manageable. I have even considered the idea of bringing in a co-host so that we can share the load. I will let you know when I have made some decisions.

I am working on episode 32 at the moment, week four in the worldbuilding course that was gifted to me by the lovely Sue-Ellen Pashley. I am working through the character questions now. So many things to think about, it's Awesome!

If you haven't had a chance to catch the show in the last month then you may have missed my talk with Donna Marree hanson and Angela J Ford. They were both amazing people to talk to!


Donne Maree Hanson (episode 29)

Donna Maree Hanson is a traditionally and independently published author of fantasy, science fiction and horror. She also writes paranormal romance under a pseudonym. Her grim dark series, Dragon Wine, was originally published by Momentum Books (Pan Macmillan’s digital imprint). After Momentum shut its doors, Donna published the whole series. In April 2015, she was awarded the A. Bertram Chandler Award for ‘Outstanding Achievement in Australian Science Fiction’ for her work in running science fiction conventions, publishing and broader SF community contribution. In 2016, Donna commenced her PhD researching Feminism in Popular Romance at the University of Canberra. Donna lives in Canberra with her partner and fellow writer Matthew Farrer.

5 quick facts from the show...

1. First story was a starwars one at 19

2. Donna is a pantser.

3. Reading anything will all come in to writing experience.

4. Writing is the hard part, that is where you fit all the crafting and improvement of the story.

5. Advice - If it's your passion, go for it. Find what you are passionate about in your story.

And as a bonus - A quote that I loved from shatterwing.

“One must be humble to enter another’s abode. The smallness of the doorway forces one to remember.” - Nills of Bar Shatterwing by Donna Maree Hanson

I just loved that quote and when I was talking to Donna you could here that there was so many thought ticking away in the background. Donna like to have a message in her stories and you can sense that when you listen to the show.


Angela J Ford (Episode 31)

Angela J. Ford is an award-winning blogger and author of the International Best Selling epic fantasy series: The Four Worlds. She enjoys traveling, hiking and can often be found with her nose in a book. Aside from writing she enjoys the challenge of working with marketing technology and builds websites for authors. She is currently working on her next epic fantasy series: Legend of the Nameless One. If you happen to be in Nashville, you'll most likely find her at a local coffee shop, enjoying a white chocolate mocha and furiously working on her next book.

5 Quick facts from the show...

1. Started writing her first novel 'The five warriors' at 12.

2. She build the foundation for her worlds when she was younger but she is still adding to that.

3. Believes - to build an author platform is more than just for books. It helps connect with readers.

4. Mindfulness - Try not to be reactive - be proactive. Focus on one thing at a time.

5. Favourite trope is the Chosen one because it brings the best out of the character allowing them to accomplish something they never thought possible.

Bonus advice from Angela - Just get started.

Angela was so passionate about her writing and it was such a fun talk. She said that she has so many books in the works but I am most excited about the two audio books that she has planned for release later this year.


Current Competition

The show competition that I ran with Angela is still open to entries until this Wednesday the 1st of May.

The link -

And the key word that you need to enter...

Is mentioned in both episode 30 and 31 of the show.

(Sorry, it would be unfair to tell you but it is one of my favourite fantasy beasts if you want to hazard a guess.)

You can still enter for direct links to Angela's social links though.


If you would like to support the show and become one of my cuppa buddies? Then check out my Ko-fi Page.

I am going to make sure that I put something a little special on that page every now and then just for my Cuppa Buddies.

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