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EPISODE 27 - Worldbuilding with Sue-Ellen Pashley

For this episode I had the privilege to talk to Sue-Ellen Pashley about her writing Journey and what world building means to her. I really enjoyed our chat and found Sue-Ellen to be down to earth and a Joy to interview.


SA writer of copious amounts of words – just because if they didn’t come out, she’s sure they’d make her head explode – Sue-Ellen is an international author with four published stories: Aquila, When Henry Met Gina, The Jade Goddess and Streamer, with her children’s picture book, The Jacket, released in 2019. From being an avid reader and writer as a child to studying literature at university, she’s always loved the written word and where it can transport her.

In her 'other' life, Sue-Ellen is a social worker and lives in Central Queensland with her ever-patient family and a menagerie of animals, including snakes, turtles, lizards, dogs and fish. She’s an eternal optimist who enjoys making things difficult for her protagonists but loves a satisfying ending.

Sue-Ellen Pashley


(You can get the full show notes at Here )

  • Writing all her life, very patient parents helped

  • Worldbuilding is like a three layer cake

  • First Layer = chocolate mudcake, really dense - Incorporates bigger world ie. being Australian

  • Second Layer = Caramel mudcake a little lighter and sweeter - Local area that impacts on character ie. the town setting

  • Third Layer = Vanilla mudcake with rasberries - how character fits into world. push and pull.

  • Worldbuilding prior to story for the understanding of the story.

  • Fantastic Excerpt! - listen at 15mins I couldn't help the chuckle.

  • Mindfulness important for everyone's life It helps you go in to Alpha brainwaves.

  • Working as a social worker has helped understand emotions. especially while people are in them.

  • Sue-Ellen loves the way the brain works.

  • Mindful Actions: Meditation and Yoga but you don't need specific activity, it is just about being in the moment.

  • Advice: Surround yourself with other creative people. It opens your eyes.

  • Important to know that being published isn't the be all and end all. Make sure you get Joy out of the creative process.

  • Some people will love what you like and some won't. Listen to the feedback but remember their own subjective viewpoint.

  • As Long as you are happy with your product that's what's important.​


I love that I always have generous guests who are willing to give away one of their books. You can never have too many books especially when they are free.

For this week Sue-Ellen and I have teamed up for a giveaway of her book Streamer.

Competition is open until midnight of Tuesday the 3rd of April

I will announce the winner on episode 28 on the 4th of April.

Streamer is a young adult, paranormal romance which finds Rhiannon Clarke torn between places and time. As the mystery of her predicament unravels, the truth may not have been what she wanted afterall.

If you would like to see more about Sue-Ellen and her books be sure to check out her website -



I am currently working through week 2 of the worldbuilder's course and I will tell you all about it on next weeks show.

She was obviously taking it easy on me in the first week and I am loving it so far.

I am also working through Maegin and trying to reconcile the immortality of the Jin and how I can make my character turn into one without a lame curse. Any ideas?


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