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Episode 25 - Allie's News Interview

In Episode 25 I decided to bring back previous guest Allie McCormack. The last time that we spoke she had so many plans for what she would like to do going forward and as this was a special episode I wanted to follow up on what she had a chance to get done. I am so excited for her and the new books she has to share with the world.


Allie is a well traveled disabled vet of the US Army. This travel and the variety of jobs that she has been lucky to experience have inspired her stories. She has published three novels in the a variety of romance genres and delved into audio production. She belongs to Romance Writers of America and Mensa.


(You can get the full show notes at

  • Since last interview Allie had released

  • The Audio version of Truck Stop

  • Wishes in a bottle and

  • Swan Song!

  • Currently working on a 'Gift of Jacinth', the second book in the wishes and dreams series.

  • Her Nano Project Shadow Cat is well underway prompting her to add characters in the revisions of the earlier books. Linking new characters by adding them into the same scenes from the old books.

  • Many Ideas come from a waking dream state.

  • Shifters have set animal they can turn into. When mixed breeding there will always be one more powerful.

  • Aim for 90-100k words. - work through the story scene by scene. not in order.

  • Add new scenes during the drafting process filling in the gaps

  • To get inside the correct headspace re-read or edit the work that you have already. It helps immerse.

  • TRUCKSTOP - Audible Romance Package was not the best package for Authors payment. The book is available but it has fallen flat. May not produce wishes in a bottle as audio unless audio packages change.

  • WHEN DARKNESS FALLS - pretty much ready for beta. (Yay)

  • Works release schedule around commitments. (ie. Nano)

  • Attended 15 NaNoWriMo's - won 4 Her first win completed in 10 days.


For something a little different I teamed up with Allie for one lucky listener to win any one of her books. Why limit is to one?

Follow this link for your options on how to enter. ..

Make sure that you get your entries in before midnight Perth Western Australia Time on the 19 of March 2019.

I look forward to seeing all of the entries and choosing a winner. I love it when there are a heaps of entrants so please share with your friends.

One can never have enough free books but if you would like to buy them anyway check out Allie's website:



I am so thankful to all the listeners and supporters of the show so far. I have made milestones,

The first was 10 - Because the average podcaster fails after 8 episodes.

The next was 25 - As it is a quarter of a century.

The next one to look out for is 50, and then 100.

All of my guest have been Amazing! I have learned so much about worldbuilding and mindful practices from their experiences they talk about in these interviews. Knowing that by sharing my show with people who are also interested in worldbuilding and mindfulness is inspiration for me to continue. I want to get my episodes out and share the journey. I have heard from people that are enjoying the show and gaining value.

It has not all been easy. There have been some huge learning curves with sound quality and technical corrections. The website is a constant struggle to maintain and update but I can see the improvements all the time.

I was surprised when I was looking at the top three most downloaded episodes with Libsyn and they are...

1 - My intro and basic information about what I plan for the show. It was a little glitchy but I don't want to change it. It is good to see the improvement all the time and episode 1 is my baseline.

2 - How to deal with Overwhelm with Mindful tips. This was from experience and things that I have learnt over the years. I was so nervous to share my ideas. To put myself out there in such a bold way, but I was glad that I did.

9 - With Pauline Wiles. I really did enjoy recording that episode and producing it because Pauline has a way of making you feel calm and relaxed. She was so patient and understanding as one of my first interviews and I know that she shared it with her friends.


I am on the hunt for reviews of the show. Can you please let me me know what you think of the show and where you would like to see it going in the future. What is your favourite aspect of worldbuilding and mindfulness? What would you like me to focus on if future episodes.


If you would like to support the show and become one of my cuppa buddies? Then check out my Ko-fi Page.

I am going to make sure that I put something a little special on that page every now and then, so be sure to check it out.

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