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Podcasting: Trying to find Elara

I am 8 episodes in to my podcast, Finding Elara as of today and it has been quite a journey!

I love listening to podcasts while i am plodding around the house, walking, driving, in waiting rooms. It is an avenue of information consumption that you can consume where ever you have your phone and let's face it, every one always has their phone on them. I knew that it was something I could do from home so I decided to give it a go.

My intentions for the show were relatively basic. Build a show for people like me (writers, artists, creatives) using what we know about the world around us (mindfulness) to help create and develop a believable, immersive world (world building). So I put that into the intro of the show, "A podcast for writers, world builders and creatives that would like to take a mindful look inside their creations." Then I completed a few online courses about podcast creation. Planned a dozen episode and put something together. Then it sat on my computer for months, untouched and not really going anywhere.

I had been talking about it for years, had even recorded snippets a few years ago when I was going to make the show with a good friend of mine. We were going to keep each other accountable with a co-hosting format. But I didn't think that I was ready or that I was qualified to do this whole podcasting gambit. There was no justification for my hesitation or any real reasoning. I just didn't feel ready until I decided that i was never really going to feel ready.

I had spoke about the show to a few people at the conference I recently attended and everyone was excited about the concept and encouraging. I knew that it was going to be a steep learning curve putting all the theory into action but I needed to take the leap. When I returned home my Family had bought me a microphone for my podcast and I thought that now was as good a time as any. I am going to be a podcaster. I took my new blue yeti to my office and put it all together.

Happy with my new microphone

I admit that the first show isn't the best quality, there are a few glitches and the sound isn't perfect but with each new show it improves. I am learning new tricks every time and it is an exciting adventure.

I decided to call the show Finding Elara because Elara is one of the main and most developed worlds that I have created for my novels. I wanted to listen to a show that will give me the information that I need to really find what is missing in my creation and encourage others to consider that all aspects of their lives slip into the art we create. To find that equilibrium in all aspects of our lives you have to have the right mindset. I know that I am not the most balanced person when it comes to work and play but I will talk to people that are and learn from their lessons. I know that my Elaran world isn't perfect but I will talk to other artists and creatives about how they build their worlds and I will learn from their lessons. I have been told that I see the world a little differently than other and i would like to share what I have learned along the way, this podcast is one way to do that. The bonus is that it provides me with accountability for my actions.

Joel Evans

I knew I didn't want to do all the talking for every show. I had a plan for alternating talking about a topic and interviewing. Once I had 2 show ready to launch I asked Joel (my ever understanding husband) if he would like to be interviewed so we can talk about his photography. How mindfulness of the world around you and within yourself helps with you see that shot you wan to take. Then building what you want in your mind and capturing it with the camera.

He agreed, we organised a time that would suit the two of us around the kids. It didn't all go to plan exactly. I found that I had technical difficulties, my microphone kept disconnecting from the laptop, audacity kept glitching out and skype wouldn't play nice. I had heard conflicting reports on recording both sides of the audio and separate files (we ended up trying both). Then when I finally had everything up and going with Joel on the phone I was so nervous that it took me a few times to ask even the simplest questions without stumbling over my words. *Sigh* It turned out pretty good in the end though.

After I the success of getting the three shows completed it started to feel pretty real. I took the time to plan out who I wanted to interview for the show and researched the right way to ask for guests. Much of it was common sense but there did seem to be a formula and certain information that was pertinent in the invitation. I asked a good friend of mine Georgia first. I explained that I was very new and she would only be my second interview. She was so happy that I had thought to ask her that I was a little surprised. I organised the time and put the show together.

Georgia Tingley

The show ran much smoother at this stage and I was so thankful that Georgia gave me her time, wisdom and experience. We got to talk about her book and what she has planned for the future. Where she finds the time to fit mindfulness into her day. Where she comes up with her ideas and she even read and excerpt from Justice on the show. The fun didn't end there either.

Competition picture

I enjoyed our time together and asked if I could buy a signed copy of one of her book to run a competition on the show. I decided to run it on Facebook as that is the platform that I understand the most. Georgia said that it would be a privilege to donate the book to the competition which was so kind of her. I put together a little advert, asked people to like-comment-share on my author page to go in the draw. It was successful and Georgia sent the book directly to the winner which I announced two shows after. I reached out to another author friend of mine Allie McCormack to see if she would be interested in coming on the show also.

Allie McCormack

The agreed and I was more relaxed and comfortable with the conversation. I ended up having to cut the interview in half and spread it over two show, which was a blessing in disguise seeing it is Nanowrimo month. The interview was really fun and she too was thankful to come on to the show. We talked about her paranormal books (that I have beta read) and the exciting journey of turning her book into audio. The second half of my interview with Allie comes out tomorrow, the 14th of November 2018.

Next hurdle was contacting someone that I didn't know personally. I subscribe to many email lists, it is a rather bad habit that I have, I have been getting better at unsubscribing to the ones I don't relate too but it is still massive.

I had heard a woman speak about mindfulness for "Alli" (Alliance of independant authors) and I really resonated with what she was talking about. Her name is Pauline Wiles. She is a multi published independent author already established in the writing world. I really thought she was perfect for the show but I was petrified. This wasn't someone that I had already built a rapport with or had ant person any connections, I just believed in her message and started reading a couple of her books. Reading her books solidified in my mind that she would be perfect for the show. Much like when I had my submission manuscript in my inbox for days I procrastinated and delayed sending my email to Pauline. In the email I told her that I really loved what she talked about on for Alli and I thought that she would be an amazing addition to my podcast. She replied with a positive and I was over the moon. We organised a time to talk and I am that episode will be released next week.

I did have a hiccup with my interview with Pauline, I didn't remember to turn my phone on silent, rookie mistake. and because of the distraction I lost my train of thought and had to find it at a different station. Pauline was incredibly understanding and I was so thankful to her for her time. (Set for release on the 21st of November)

I asked Pauline if it would be okay to buy one o f her books for a competition and she is also going to provide her book, Saving Saffron Sweeting for a competition that I will hold from the 21st of November to the 5th of December. I am currently looking into a different platform to rum the competition on through wix (which is where I make my webpage).

Coming up

I have since contacted two more guests who have agreed to come on the show.

Cari Jehlik, a writing friend that I have also completed some beta reading for. She is in the fantasy genre which I hope will make an stimulating conversation (I will definitely ask about her favourite fantasy tropes and creatures). She has been published in multiple short story anthologies maintains an interesting and informative blog all while working part time and raising two kids. She is an inspiring woman. (set for release 5th of December).

Derek Doepker, from best seller secrets is another guest I had to be brave to press the send button. He is a former aspiring rockstar turned seven-time #1 bestselling author. He discovered proven processes that took him from struggling author to selling over 50,000 books. Now he shares those processes with thousands of authors through workshops, courses, and retreats empowering them to turn their passion for writing into a thriving business. I learned about Derek through the 'Write and Grow Rich' book he was a part of.

The reason I was inspired to ask Derek onto the show was because I saw a video that he put on you tube about a unique goal setting method he called the Power system. It is a combination of multiple goal setting methods that go above and beyond the basic scope. I have his episode set to release on the 19th of December, the perfect time to consider new year resolutions.

Other News

I am working on completing a Christmas short story to release in December! I am will let you know more about the that next blog post. It is an exciting time, I am going to take another leap in to self publishing.

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