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20 days 'til Sydney

There are many different reasons why we all write. We choose what we place on the page and send out to the world. I know that I wouldn't normally write to you this frequently, but I have some exciting new to share. I have 20 days to go until Sydney.

This may not seem exciting as I said only 5 days ago that there was 25 days to go. But it was almost taken away from me. I almost had to call the whole thing off.

This opened my eyes to the truly supportive and kind network of people that I have around me. Even if it was to just listen to my moaning or make Tea. I was pulled from the depths of despair by my hero. I will spare you the gory details of uncontrollable tears that were shed in despair. I am choosing to look at the positive side. If it was left until I had arrived on the other side of the country; I would have been utterly devastated. It is fortunate I was contacted now and had a chance to see how much I really want this.

I am writing because I have a story to tell the world, one that I have crafted over a long period of time. The characters and setting are alive in my mind, growing and changing. If I don't tell this story then it will be lost to time and these brave souls will die with me. I don't think that is really fair.

I do enjoy placing the words on the page and talking about the direction I am going, mostly to myself. But it needs work, the kind that takes a lot of patience. I know that I can improve over time and I am. So every day I turn up and write. One chapter after another. Until I reach the end.

I have more pressure on me now than I ever have before. This is not a deadline that I can break with myself. This is much bigger than just me. The selfless actions of others are pulling me through and I don't want to let them down as well.

I must get back to it now, continue the journey I hope you will join me on soon. I am still Finding a home for Elara, I will let you know when there is a house warming.

Keep up the good fight, whatever challenge you may be facing. Know that you have a network that may be able to help you too. You may be surprised what form your hero decides to take.

Until next time. Live your dream.