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30 Days Countdown

I have a plan and if everything works out perfectly then I am on track for smooth sailing. I don't really know if I have set unreasonable goals in the past, but everyday is a new page. The goals that I fell short of yesterday are one step closer today. I may need to do a bit of a jump at the end.

Pondering the bigger things or better known at procrastinating.

When I dream of what I want in five years time I can see that everything is working out in a dream scenario. I have finished writing the Elara Series of books through a publisher and I have completed and self published the Maygin Series. I am confident about the writing process and have a number of writing friends that I can talk about small hiccups in timelines and character discrepancies. Like most of the 'Fab" authors there is someone writing fan-fiction of my work and I look it up and ind it hilarious. I laugh as I take retreats to gain different perspectives and travel at least once a year with the family.

When I come in to my office now though, I realise that I have let distraction get in the way of what I want. I lay in bed and I scroll through Facebook and binge on Netflix when I can''t solve a problem. I catch myself out and then feel guilty and watch another show. Now I only have 30 days to make sure that everything is on track to make my dreams a reality. I have resolved to only check my emails and Facebook after the chapter is done for the day. Editing is incredibly time consuming! I have setting blogging goals, once a fortnight to add accountability to my work. It is in my control and I can do this.

I already have a number of writing friends thanks to the wonders of the internet. I have email groups that I am a part of and Facebook communities that I enjoy participating in. I have an agent that is interested in my words and I just need to send them to her, so the only thing that is holding me back is me. Half my dream is already a part of my current reality.

I find plot holes in the editing that I know when I sit down to complete them will be easy to fix, I just need to do it. So for the next 30 Days I am going to try to do a chapter a day and keep my subscribers in the loop. So if you don't hear from me, feel free to poke some more motivation my way.

One Chapter at a time.

Countdown is on!


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