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Would you rather...

There is a game that I like to play with the children or friends when we travel, (or really whenever the mood arises) it is called would you rather.

It is rather simple really, one person asked the other (or the group) "Would you rather" ...

-be a table or a chair?

-be Superman or Batman?

-live in a tree house or a cave?

-be the companion to Dr Who generation 10,11 or 12?

-Have a wand for magic or develop a superpower?

It is a conversational game that plays out in many different ways, it can be fast shooting questions (just saying the first thing that comes to your head), long conversations (discussing the 5 w's) or debate and justify (where each person picks a side). The older that the kids get the more surprised I get from their answers. They have many different influences in their lives that I am not a part of now that they are 'tweens'. Their friends in school, things that they have picked up on from shows or things that they have simply come up with on their own.

Since I last posted I have travelled quite a lot. It comes with living in an isolated location. We have been to Westonia for 7 days of swimming lessons (1.5hrs each day). Perth a few times for shopping and business (9hr return trip each time). Collie for swimming lessons and visiting family (12hr round trip). Each time that we travel we either play games like 'Would you rather,' listen to audiobooks/music/radio or entertain ourselves. It really depends on the mood of the driver.

I am sure you are wondering what my point is... well, you need not wonder any longer. I have been working on completing my Elara book (yes, still) and one of my characters had to make a decision whether or not to take a job opportunity that meant he would have to relocate to an island with only small to no chance of returning. All of his dreams would be met in regards to job satisfaction and all his needs would be met, but he would have to leave everything that he had ever known. After receiving the job offer he had 24 hrs to come to a decision, then 24 hours before he left the mainland. I was really struggling with what he should do in this situation so I turned to my facebook writing groups and and asked. "What would you do if you only had 24 hours to tie up all your loose ends?" I had mixed results when it came to the answers but what people said made me consider things that I wouldn't have with out their opinions. This helped move the story along and I was so thankful for the people that took the time to answer. Now whenever I get a little stuck I repeat the process as if I was interviewing the character. I have found it to be an interesting excercize, or a new way of procrastinating.

I have also completed a parenting chip challenge with a few volunteer families which was an amazing experience. The families that were involved had varied results and we learned from each other how best to integrate the chip system with what strategies they had in place already. The children all enjoyed the extra attention and extra activities that were part of the challenge. I think that the crowd favourite was the restaurant night at home. I am going to release the chipper articles over the next few months and you will be able to read more about that. I will likely do another trial term 2 with some new families and some repeat families. If you are interested please let me know. It will be for five weeks and I will keep in close contact to help.

I found the courage to start sending my chapters out to beta readers (if you would like to volunteer your time then please give me a hoy) and also started beta reading myself. It has been an exciting, satisfying and humbling experience on both accounts. I am continuing to work through and develop the story from the responses that I have been receiving, some of the things that I was too close to the story to see.

I was hoping to have the Elara book completed by February 1, but unfortunately I am still plodding through. I have set a goal for myself to now have it done in the next few weeks. That is my priority as it is only book 1 I had really need to get my but in to gear. There are other characters in my mind that are waiting for their moment to shine. I have the DIYMFA book and it suggests using an angst jar for when you have trouble moving past disappointment so I am trialling that. I am unsure whether I can let things go that easily but it is a good practice so worth a try.

I have added a few photos down the bottom, some of my travels, parenting chips, Nanowrimo, and what my office currently looks like.

What you you rather? Would you leave all that you have ever known for the best job in the world or would you rather stay?

Until next time my friends.

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