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Podcast Guest Interview - Derek Doepker

This time of year always brings so many things to a close, school, clubs, social groups the goals that you set to complete this year. Because this is the case I know that some people are inclined to consider their goals for next year. I know that I am not quite ready yet, I need to survive the Christmas festivities with the family first. Also I have a wedding to attend this weekend! But I was inspired by what Derek had to say and I know that after Christmas I will be prepared to take a mindful moment to set POWERful goals.

Episode 13 of the Podcast was jam packed with engaging advice and information from Derek Doepker. I asked for the interview with Derek after already learning about his unique goal setting method knowing the fantastic value it would provide listeners and people who are on my list.

Derek Doepker is a former aspiring rockstar turned seven-time #1 bestselling author. He discovered proven processes that took him from struggling author to selling over 50,000 books. Now he shares those processes with thousands of authors through workshops, courses, and retreats empowering them to turn their passion for writing into a thriving business.

I don't want to spoil all the fun of listening to the show and the full transcript and link to the show is on the shoe notes page.

Here are a few highlights from the Episode

Mindfulness tip -

If there is a challenge ahead of you that you never seem to get around to Derek suggests trying 'Can I Just' method. This method is a micro commitment.

GOAL SETTING - Synthesised from other methods.

P ​= Purpose

What you higher purpose is or goal you want to set. Mission over a few years.

O = Outcome

Make sure the goal is in alignment with the Purpose.​

W = Way

How are you going to get there?​ What stands in the way?

E = Environment

What is effecting your productivity?

R = Recalibration

Plan to adjust. Part of contingency plan. How do you get back on track?​

If you would like to know more, then check out the show where ever you listen to podcasts.

You can connect with Derek at or (If you contact Derek and may even send you the link to his POWER goal setting video).

There is also a competition running for a free copy of one of Dereks books. If you would like to get a cope for yourself, click on the rafflecopter link...

It will ask you to check out the Finding Elara Facebook community where we talk about the Mindfulness and Worldbuilding.

Visit for full show notes.

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